I accidentally a headcanon where Stiles’ Jeep used to be his mom’s.

Because if you think about it, we haven’t seen Stiles with a job, and being a Sheriff doesn’t pay that much, so how could they afford a second car?

So I think it used to be his mom’s.  She loved that piece of junk, and Stiles’ dad could never convince her to get rid of it. He wanted her to get something safer, something less likely to break down in the middle of nowhere, because it was starting to become a joke around the department, sort of an initiation.  You weren’t really part of the department until you had tried to rescue the Sheriff’s wife from the side of the road and she just waved you off with grease stained hands and fixed it herself, more adept than you could ever be.  She never apologized for bruising delicate male egos, but sometimes Sheriff Stilinski would show up with enough cookies for the entire department, so even the most macho officer couldn’t hold it against her.

So when she died neither Stiles nor his dad could bear to get rid of it, even though it just sat in their back yard collecting dust for years until Stiles was old enough to drive it.  By the time his dad handed him the keys when he turned sixteen the years of just sitting there (because his dad could never quite make himself get in and drive it to keep it in working condition) had taken their toll.  Stiles bought all the books on car care he could find, reading for hours, and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, until he was sure that he knew the Jeep inside and out.  He spent the entire summer fixing it up and working odd jobs - like mowing the lawn for creepy Mrs. Evans down the road, who always smelled like corned beef - so that he could afford to replace the parts he couldn’t fix.  Whenever he had his head under the hood he always felt like he could feel his mom more strongly, knowing that she had touched the same parts he was tinkering with a thousand times before.

So yeah, he gets pissed when people call his Jeep a piece of junk, or hit it, or crazed Alpha werewolves tear the battery out, because the Jeep is his last connection to his mom.  But batteries are easy to fix, and if he sorta pushes on the dents most of them pop right out.  And to be honest, he doesn’t really mind an excuse to spend more time with the car, feeling like his mom is standing over his shoulder and nodding in approval.

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